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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day 2: Universal Studio Singapore

The super long overdue Singapore Day 2 :) 

 Some pretty shot I managed to capture in Madagascar Ride 

Day 2 was basically just spending some quality time with H in Universal Studio Singapore (USS). The most exciting ride would definitely goes to Transformer (Transformer is my favorite action/robot movie thus far). If you haven't had the chance to go USS, I highly recommend you to go for Transformer! And make sure you go, because most of my friends spent too much on other rides such as Jurassic park. Forget about those rides, and get on to Transformer  :D 

 Satisfied our hungry stomach with FOOD 

Supper Time, according to the food blog we read about must eat food in Singapore (H loves reading food blog!), H brought me to this really yummy Japanese restaurant! Open until late night, so good for late-night-gets-hungry-easily-humanbeing like me ;) 
Warning*** Quite pricey!

 Lastly, present you the my kind of tourist MUST TAKE SHOT ;)

Day 3 = Last Day 

till then,

Thursday, April 18, 2013


I finalieee update my blog! Yes I just did and I know right?!
Too much blogging this semester just motivate me to do it again. I have been real busy with my TV and Radio Blog and I need something more casual and personal to keep my life alive

And another reason is I really want to share my awesome holiday back in February! (OMG!) I know I'm way toooo late but who cares? As long as is a great place to travel to! 
Not much description will be explained, let the picture do the talking ;) 

Hope you all enjoy!

Apparently, chicken rice is a MUST eat food in Singapore! I was sooo amazed when my sister told me about this because I never knew Singapore is famous for their chicken rice! 

AnoTHEr reason why I'm in Singapore :) 

Love the wall decoration in Ippudo Ramen!! If you happened to visit Singapore, MUST eat Ippudo! So good. I haven't try the one in Malaysia though! Can't wait now :)

Address: 333A Orchard Rd  Singapore 238897

My Day 1 dinner at Long Beach. No idea which branch I went to cause sister brought us there, but I'm pretty sure they all taste the same :) 

Sri Lanka Crab which is the EXTRA LARGE crab is another MUST eat in Singapore!! Is so good to the extend the boyfie had to order on our last night here in Singapore! So much love for crab lover like me

Spent our night drinking at Riverside. It was a tiring but great day 1 spent in Singapore! Stay tuned for Day 2! I promise won't be long :)